The most commonly staged rooms are the:

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Sold in 5 days for 375k over asking price

This beautiful Pasadena Tudor we staged had all the charm! Our design featured a blue and white theme with high-end antique pieces mixed in crating a cool and sophisticated effect that proved appealing to buyers. This home received 21 offers and sold in 5 days for $375 over asking.

Sold in 2 days for 150k over asking price

This light filled Santa Monica condo had an offer within 3 hours of being show.
The condo was one of our Edits where we rearranged the homeowner’s furniture, art, and accessories and removed any clutter. We then brought in accessories to helpmake the condo feel like home and entice buyers with its luxurious sophistication.

Sold in 6 days for 35K over asking

A house we staged in Venice, CA had just what the buyers were wanting. They received 5 offers and sold in 6 days to an all cash buyer. This home had a separate home office and guest house.  Each room was staged to show buyers how they might make the most out of each space.

Sold in 7 days for 40k over asking price

This cool DTLA loft had sat on the market for almost a year with no interest.  We came in and did a home edit where we used a mix of homeowners furniture and our furniture and accessories. The edit consists of removing some of the homeowners clutter and getting the home picture ready.  With all of our efforts the seller received 5 offers in the first week and sold in 7 days. This loft turned into a bright and airy space buyers felt at home in.

Sold in 3 days for 151k over asking

This modern boho cottage received 23 offers and sold in 3 days for 151k over asking. This house was a stunner and the buyers really fell in love with it. We kept the staging light and bright and made sure each space and room had purpose and sophistication.

Sold in 5 days for 43K over asking

This condo sold at an all-time high and broke the community record. This condo received 7 offers and was sold in 5 days for 43k over asking. We staged this condo to appeal to all age groups by having a fresh, clean and polished style. This condo really stood out among its competition and sold quickly!