1 %

of buyer’s agents say that
staging makes it easier for
buyers to visualize the property
as their future home

1 %

of buyers increased their offer on a home 1-5% because the home was staged

1 %

of buyers felt more able to see themselves moving into a staged home

1 %

buyers were more willing to get in the car and visit a staged online find

Source: National Association of REALTORS® – 2021 Profile of Home Staging

Home Staging

Home Staging is a proven and effective method that incorporates decorating with marketing to create an experience for homebuyers. It’s more than just furnishing a home – it’s the visual presentation of a property, to create an emotion and sell a lifestyle.

Home Edit

The Home Edit consists of using mostly the owners furniture, creating focal points, and accessorizing to create natural traffic flow and visual interest. An Edit also incorporates some new pieces of furniture, rugs, art, accessories and involves rearranging existing pieces. An Edit is a great option for those who are still living in their home during the sale but still want the “staged look ” buyers are expecting.


Our vision is to increase the total value of every home by creating a feeling of calm, connection and certainty the minute each buyer crosses the threshold into the house.